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  1. Case Study - Enhancing Digital Solutions for a Leading Logistics and Transportation Provider

    Publicis Sapient tackled a major logistics project by integrating Web Components with Stencil and Figma. This strategy streamlined development, unified the codebase, and enhanced design consistency across platforms, significantly boosting efficiency and maintenance in a complex, multi-technology landscape.

  2. Embracing Agility and Efficiency - Our Journey with Continuous Experience Pipelines

    Publicis Sapient's Continuous Experience Pipeline showcases our adaptability in web development, highlighting flexible tool and technology choices to enhance efficiency and scalability in diverse web projects.

  3. Should I use Web components?

    As a Director at Publicis Sapient, I see a trend towards frameworks like React, yet Web Components are often overlooked. They offer a standard, future-proof alternative, reducing reliance on potentially outdated frameworks, and are ideal for various web projects, from static content to complex e-commerce.

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