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About Me #

Welcome to my blog. My name is Holger Hellinger. This represents a chronicle of my role as the Director of Experience Engineering at Publicis Sapient. Spanning over two decades in the tech industry, my career has been marked by leadership in dynamic team environments and managing multifaceted projects. This blog is a window into the world of creating responsive, user-focused web experiences, utilizing a mix of technologies including HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript, and mobile applications.

In this space, I'll share case studies and insights from my leadership journey, emphasizing my commitment to W3C standards, Mobile First principles, and Agile methodologies. You'll find a treasure trove of practical code examples and valuable insights that underscore my dedication to accessible and inclusive digital solutions.

But it's more than just project management; it's about web design, SEO, scaling CMS implementations, and much more. I'll take you behind the scenes of my work in leading teams, mentoring, and fostering collaboration. You'll see how we manage design systems using tools like DSM, Figma, and Supernova, contributing significantly to the German XT Community and the German Tech Leadership Team. This blog not only documents my journey but also aims to link and share the outstanding work we do at Publicis Sapient, highlighting our collective drive towards exceptional digital experiences. Join me in this exciting and informative exploration.

CV of Holger Hellinger