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  1. Optimizing Your Design System Manager (DSM) Experience: Practical Tools and Strategies

    Discover essential tools and strategies to enhance your Design System Manager (DSM) experience. Learn how to use Figma, Style Dictionary, and other resources effectively to maintain consistency, improve collaboration, and streamline your design process. This guide covers everything from managing design tokens to integrating web components, providing you with actionable tips to optimize your DSM workflow.

  2. Dev Mode in Figma - A Revolution for Developers

    This blog post explores Figma's Dev Mode and AI tools in FigJam, highlighting their impact on design and development. It offers insights into streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and adapting to technological advancements in design systems.

  3. Case Study - B2B Electrical Distribution Company

    Publicis Sapient enhanced a B2B Electrical Distribution Company's React-based Monorepo system using a Figma-driven design system. This improved accessibility by 20-30%, introduced a native CSS library for React, and ensured cross-platform consistency, streamlining component usage and setting new accessibility standards in e-commerce.

  4. Case Study - Enhancing Digital Solutions for a Leading Logistics and Transportation Provider

    Publicis Sapient tackled a major logistics project by integrating Web Components with Stencil and Figma. This strategy streamlined development, unified the codebase, and enhanced design consistency across platforms, significantly boosting efficiency and maintenance in a complex, multi-technology landscape.

  5. Embracing Agility and Efficiency - Our Journey with Continuous Experience Pipelines

    Publicis Sapient's Continuous Experience Pipeline showcases our adaptability in web development, highlighting flexible tool and technology choices to enhance efficiency and scalability in diverse web projects.

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