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  1. Crafting an AI-driven culinary adventure

    Explore AI Chefs at Polente, where AI meets culinary art! discover unique, AI-generated recipes and imagery, automated via github, refreshed daily with innovative tech-driven cooking inspiration

  2. How AI is Changing Accessibility in the Workplace

    This blog looks at how AI is changing the way we think about and manage accessibility in digital spaces.

  3. Navigating Bubbles: Lessons from Dot-Com to AI

    Explore the parallels and lessons between the dot-com bubble and today's AI boom. Drawing on firsthand experience from the dot-com era, this post delves into sustainable, client-centric tech development, highlighting the evolution from early web ventures to current AI challenges and opportunities.

  4. Navigating the Real and the Fabricated

    In the digital age, AI-generated images are flooding online platforms, challenging our perception of reality. This blog explores the impact on search engines and the importance of human discernment. It argues for critical thinking in an era where AI blurs the line between real and artificial imagery.

  5. Dev Mode in Figma - A Revolution for Developers

    This blog post explores Figma's Dev Mode and AI tools in FigJam, highlighting their impact on design and development. It offers insights into streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and adapting to technological advancements in design systems.

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